Propane Tank Covers

Propane Tank Covers

Propane Tank Covers

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    Sanctuary Liquid Propane Tank Housing

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    The Sanctuary Propane Tank Enclosure is built with durability, high-strength, and glass fiber-reinforced concrete construction. This enclosure can accommodate a 20-pound standard propane tank with ease and offers an easy way to hide your tank for a...
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A propane tank cover is one of the best accessories you can get for your gas powered fire pit. Besides enclosing and protecting your propane tank, these covers will also give it a pleasing visual appeal. Getting a quality made housing for the propane tank that fuels your fire pit will protect your feature from elements such as dust, debris, rain, heat, and snow that would have easily damaged it. These covers are waterproof, UV resistant, and will not break down from existing outside in the weather. 

We provide top-quality products for various sizes and models of propane fire pits at agreeable costs. Whether you prefer a sleek and simple black vinyl cover, or something that functions more like a piece of outdoor furniture, like our glass fiber reinforced concrete housings, covering your propane tank has never been an easier task to conquer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are propane tank covers necessary? 

Propane tank covers protect the tank from the harsh environmental conditions and improve its visual appeal, especially in an open space. We highly recommend getting one for your portable propane fuel source!

What should I look for in a propane tank cover? 

Some of the major features you should for when selecting a covering for propane tanks include the following;

  1. High quality, durable materials 
  2. UV-ray and water resistance 
  3. Ease of accessing the tank after covering 
  4. Appropriate size for your tank (our covers are best suited for the portable 20 gallon propane tank size)
  5. Accessory slots such as pockets, elastic closure, or drawstring covers 

What material should my propane tank cover be? 

Propane tank covers can be made of metal, plastic, or durable thick fabric, like polyester or Dacron. We also offer glass fiber reinforced concrete covers in four lovely neutral colors that match virtually any fire pit or outdoor decor!

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