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Fire and water are two earthly elements that ordinarily wouldn’t co-exist. Interestingly, these fire and water bowls offer a creative way to blend these two versatile elements to create a functional and decorative outdoor feature. Fire and water bowls are often sophisticated and give a unique feeling with the ambient lighting and soothing sound of water flow. They have dramatic, elegant, and fascinating features that will make your space more inviting, create a unique vibe, keep it warm, and add a luxury feel. Enjoy this fascinating and unique mix of fire and water with our fine array of fire and water bowls. 

The fire and water bowls collection at CJS Fire Pits offers an unending supply of breathtaking options to suit your style and décor. We have several models from trusted manufacturers with different finishing options ranging from concrete and copper to stainless steel. The concrete fire and water bowl options are available in various colors in both glazed matte and glossy finish. The cooper bowls are either hammered or smooth, both of which offer sleek and stylish designs to complement your space.

Fire and water bowls are available in various sizes, predominantly ranging from 24 to 50 inches. Some unique crafts are as large as 70 inches for those with ample outdoor spaces. All these bowls are made with high-quality materials to enhance durability, suitability in different weather, easy cleaning and maintenance, and versatile applications. Interestingly, these fire and water bowls mostly use standard propane and natural gas fuel, and the dual compartments of water and fire function independently.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Fire and Water Bowls Only for Pools?

No! Although fire and water bowls for pools seem to be the ideal site, they are made for a lot more. Fire and water bowls will suit other outdoor sites ranging from backyards to patios.

  • What Type of Concrete Is Best for A Water and Fire Bowl?

The ideal type of concrete for fire and water bowls are high tensile mixes recommended for architectural and industrial applications. This concrete type is heavy-duty, which increases the bowl’s durability and helps it withstand various weather conditions, mechanical variations, and high temperature.

  • Can Every Bowl Be Equipped with Fire on Water?

Unfortunately, no! Bowls that can hold fire and water usually have specific materials, tempering, and size requirements. Bowls that do not meet these requirements will quickly get damaged and crack from heat and might not have the compactness to hold water.

  • How Often Should I Clean a Water and Fire Bowl?

A high-quality fire and water bowl does not require frequent cleaning. Ideally, a thorough cleaning session once in six months should be enough to keep your bowl sparkling and functional.