Fire Glass

Fire Glass

Fire Glass

If you are looking to emphasize the appearance of your already impressive fire feature, we have the perfect accessory. Fire glass is popular, trendy, and absolutely stunning, and CJs Fire Pits offers a collection of the best fire glass for fire pits and outdoor fireplaces on the market! All of our USA made tempered glass products are meant to withstand high temperatures emitted from gas burners. With so many options to choose from, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect accent.

Colored glass for fire pits is an affordable decor option for adding character and sophistication to your outdoor space. Available in an array of hues and tones, as well as chip size and shape, you’ll find endless possibilities when it comes to showcasing your backyard heat source. Gas fire pit glass is so budget friendly and easy to care for, you may even decide to select two or three different styles to change the look of your feature throughout the year! Its lifespan has no limitations, making it a no-brainer investment.

Fire pit glass is not a fuel source, but a decoration. It is safe to use under extreme temperatures and can even improve heat radiation from the flames. Tempered glass will not create smoke or ash. It will not melt, burn, pop, burst, create sparks, or give off fumes under duress of a propane or natural gas burning fire. Fire glass is free of shards and extremely sharp edges due to the meticulous production process it goes through, including repeated tumbling and polishing. Because of all these safety features, decorative fire glass can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings. It is the ideal accessory for your gas burning fire pit, fireplace, or fire table!

CJs Fire Pits offers a variety of glass for fire pits and other gas burning features. In addition to classic and reflective fire glass, you’ll also find glass fire pit beads, zircon fire glass, and cubed glass! Allow us to give you a brief description of each style!

Classic Fire Glass

This traditional style is offered in a rainbow of solid colors. While it doesn’t have a mirror effect like our reflective fire glass, it is still capable of giving off a beautiful shine as the flames from the gas burner dance above. 


Reflective Fire Pit Glass

Reflective tempered glass can be described as having a metallic sheen to it, similar to the coating on the back of a mirror. The light from the fire bounces off the coating and gives off a shimmer effect that is mesmerizing and simply gorgeous!


Glass Fire Beads

This spherical shaped version of fire glass has a semi-gloss luster which gives the appearance of subtle, melting brilliance! Fire beads are completely smooth and look like sparkling rocks. These are a unique look for any outdoor fireplace or other gas burning feature.


Zircon Fire Glass

A favorite among homeowners, zircon fire glass offers the look of a jeweled ember bed! These unique, diamond shaped pieces of tempered glass are smooth all the way around. Its reflective properties are second to none and really give your fire feature an elegant appearance. 


Fire Glass 2.0

If you thought the zircon option was unique, wait until you see this version! This particular fire pit fire glass is in the shape of a cube and has ultra reflective, iridescent properties that make it a must have for elevating the look of your backyard gas burning centerpiece. This is, no doubt, another customer favorite and comes in popular modern colors to suit a variety of decor themes.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is fire glass?


Fire glass for fire pits and other outdoor features is a type of tempered safety glass. Tempering is the process of treating glass both chemically and thermally to increase its strength. Once a tempered glass sheet has been created, the sheet is broken into granular chunks and then tumbled and polished to eliminate sharp edges. Glass can be already colored, or have a color coating added to it. Some of our unique fire glass varieties (glass fire bead, zircon fire glass, and Fire Glass 2.0) undergo an additional shaping and smoothing process. All of our fire pit glass comes in ½ - ¾ inch pieces, allowing for the perfect amount to aid in gas dispersion.


Is fire glass safe to handle?


Fire pit glass is tumbled and polished to remove sharp edges and does not contain any shards of glass. However, there is no guarantee that it will be completely smooth unless you opt for fire beads or the cubed or zircon fire glass. To be on the safe side, we do recommend wearing protective gloves when removing fire glass from its container into your fire feature. 


How do I keep fire glass clean?

Fire glass is completely low maintenance and requires little effort on your part to keep it in pristine condition. It is not necessary to clean your fire glass more than twice a year in conjunction with your bi-annual fire feature cleaning. Gas burners do not produce ash or soot, but they do give off a residue from the burning process. If you use propane, you may want to clean your fire glass an extra time or two throughout the year since propane does leave behind a darker residue than natural gas. Here are five easy steps to cleaning your fire glass:


  1. IMPORTANT: allow the fire glass to cool completely before removing it from your gas burning fire pit, fireplace, or fire table. Remember to wear protective gloves when handling.
  2. In small increments, place the fire glass into a colander or strainer and wash with either water and a couple drops of mild dish soap, or a 1:1 ratio of distilled white vinegar and water. This process can be done outside with a hose or in a sink.
  3. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Spread fire glass on a towel and allow it to dry completely.
  5. Repeat for each batch, using a separate towel for each or a large beach towel for all the fire glass. It is important to make sure the glass pieces are thoroughly dry before replacing them back over the burner.

Many people who have purchased more than one fire glass color use their routine fire glass cleaning as an opportunity to change the look of their fire feature! 


Should I cover my burner with fire glass?

Yes, you should cover the burner with 1-2 inches of fire glass or beads. This not only hides the burner fittings and components, creating a more attractive look, but also helps with gas dispersion for a more realistic flame appearance. Fire glass can also help radiate heat for an even warmer outdoor experience!


How much fire glass do I need?

The amount of fire glass you will need depends on the size of the inner measurements of your fire pit opening, or the size of your gas fireplace burner. Typically, when you purchase a burner from us, we offer an option to add the appropriate amount of fire media. However, if you are purchasing fire pit glass by itself, we include a helpful infographic on each fire pit product that tells you exactly how many pounds you will need for the burner size you are attempting to cover. CJs Fire Pits takes the guesswork out of the picture for you!


Can I use fire glass in my wood burning fire feature?

While our fire pit glass is high quality and made to withstand high temperatures, it is strictly for use with gas burning features only. Wood burns at much hotter temperatures than gas, therefore creating a very unsafe condition if fire glass is placed into the flames. In this case, the glass could undergo bursting or popping.



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