Fire Fountains

Fire Fountains

Fire Fountains

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Fire and Water Fountains

Do you enjoy the beautiful view and soothing sound of flowing water? You can make it even better with a blend of fire! Be the avatar of your landscape and outdoor designs with this incredible and fascinating mix of fire and water. A fire fountain is an upgrade to the typical water fountains found in gardens, lawns, patios, and other outdoor spaces. It adds sparkling ignition and ambiance to the already calming sound of splashing and trickling water. If you wish to add a nifty feature to your outdoor space and create a relaxing view outdoors, be sure to check out our fire and water fountains.

Everyone loves the colorful and beautiful flames of campfires and their flickering sensation. Our fire fountains offer you the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic sight together with the mesmerizing view of flowing water from the fountains. At CJS Fire Pits, our fire fountains offer several versions of kits that weave fire and water together. With this feature, you can enjoy an amazing razzle-and-dazzle show of fire on the water in your space.

Our fire fountains are available in various sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. They use the typical propane fuel, which gives it a clean burn and is relatively safe. The designs are appropriately structured and well crafted, so you don’t have to worry about water extinguishing the fire. However, don’t forget to handle all forms of fire and flames with extreme care and keep them out of the reach of children and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Fire Fountain?

A fire fountain is an aquascape structure with a self-contained water system and flickering fire that run simultaneously for decorative purposes.  

How Do You Light a Fire Pit Fountain?

There are two primary ways to ignite your fire pit fountain. You can ignite manually by opening the gas valve and lighting it with a match or pit lighter. Alternatively, you can explore the push ignition or automatic remote ignition technology, depending on the model.

How Does a Fire on Water Fountain Work?

The fire-on-water fountain technique is not some magic as many individuals imagine it to be. Instead, it uses a model use vaporizer tip that allows gas to enter the valve through the gas line but prevents water from entering. Consequently, the flame comes from beneath the water to create an illusion of water and fire mix.



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