Wood Fire Pits

Wood Fire Pits

Wood Fire Pits

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Wood Burning Fire Pits

Everyone has pictured what they want their ideal relaxing space to look like. Having a good time staying warm around a wood fire pit is fast becoming one of the top options for most individuals. Investing in quality wood fire pits is a great idea whether you want a contemporary or modern outdoor relaxing vibe. This addition is especially treasured during cooler seasons to make the space more inviting, and keep it warm. Create magic in your space with any product in our collection of wood fire pits.

CJS Fire Pits offers a collection of expertly designed wood fire pit options that do not just add to the “lots of products” available in the market. You will find carefully selected products with unique features to meet all your outdoor needs. Besides keeping you warm and adding sparks to your outdoor gathering, they also create an inviting view, raise aesthetics, and create ambiance in your patio spaces. Every fire feature in our collection is designed to stand the test of time without losing value or shape.

Our wood burning fire pits come in various designs, shapes, and build-up materials to meet your specific needs. There are various silhouette crafts like mesh, palm trees, and sea shells for lovers of crafts and styles. You can also explore a more contemporary vibe with antler-themed designs, suitable for natural flex like hunting camps and beach houses. The stainless steel options are sleeker and more stylish to complement your décor. Many of our models also have safety features, including spark guards and safe refueling features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Wood For Fire Pits?

The best woods for fire pits are hardwoods (oak, ash, fruit trees, beech, and birch) because they burn slowly, last long, produce quality heat, give off a good flame, and are well seasoned. Softwoods, on the other hand, are easier to light but less desirable because they burn quickly and give off  large flames and heavy ash residue.

How To Stack Wood in Fire Pits?

Start by setting the wood around the inside of the fire pit, and don’t forget to leave space between each log for proper air circulation. Double the wood layer in alternating rows and top with a few pieces of wood as a protective layer. Note that some fire pit models come with specific manufacturer’s instructions on wood stacking, and it is best to follow these instructions.

How to Light a Wood Fire Pit?

Find small and dry woods as tinder after stacking your wood fire pits. Manually light the fuel and add sticks for kindling. Build a fire with supporting kindling and logs. Monitor and maintain the fire for a while, and don’t forget to allow proper air circulation.

What Safety Measures Should I Keep in Mind for Wood Fire Pits?

There are several safety measures to keep in mind when lighting and operating your wood fire pits. Start by ensuring you understand and follow all manufacturer’s instructions on your preferred model. Avoid wearing flammable clothes and use the right fuel for your fire pit. Find a safe site for the fire pit and ensure kids, pets, and flammables are always at a safe distance from the fire. Always monitor and contain flames,  and remember to extinguish the fire when you´re finished enjoying your time outdoors.

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