Water Fountains

Water Fountains

Water Fountains

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It is a widely accepted concept that water is life, and it is known to have a healing and soothing feeling when heard or seen. Hotels, commercial courtyards, and biological gardens love to use water fountains to give people a soothing feeling when they come patronize these facilities. Water is known to help reduce stress; hence people go the extra mile to bring the sight and sound of flowing water into their home, outdoor space, or commercial setting. Water fountains can certainly add to property value as well.

There are DIY water fountain kits that can be bought at hardware or pool supply stores, but at CJs Fire Pits, we make it easier for you to get the complete set up! We offer a collection of beautiful water fountains that will complement any home and public space. Outdoor fountains offer beauty, luxury, style, and a relaxing vibe. Our outdoor copper water fountains, for example, are made with durable materials making them sleek, beautiful, and efficient in your space (indoor and outdoor).

Types Of Water Fountains

Indoor Fountains: Just as the name reads, these fountains are used inside of the home. They are often called wall fountains because they are mounted and installed against a wall in your home. This type of water fountain is commonly used in hotels, houses, art galleries, hospitals, and recreational places to provide a soothing ambiance.

Outdoor Fountains: Outdoor fountains come in many different styles. A typical design includes bowls arranged in tiers, the largest bowl at the bottom with smaller bowls ascending to the top. The spout at the apex where the water cascades down may even be in the shape of a decorative finial. There are also large basins with a central podium shaped fountain that sprays water up and out. Any of these styles can be found in both residential and public settings. They are connected to a water source and a fountain pump that is powered by electricity and circulates water in and out of the fountain.. They use this water fountain pump to circulate water in the fountain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my water fountain?

Cleaning your water fountain is important. Even though water is being constantly circulated throughout the unit, water can still become contaminated from environmental elements. Begin cleaning the water fountain by first draining the water completely. A mixture of vinegar and warm water can be poured into the basins of your fountain, where it should sit for a few minutes before being rinsed off. Proceed to wash the surfaces with mild dish detergent and a soft cloth, rinse completely with warm water, and then refill your fountain with fresh water.

What is the significance of a water fountain in my outdoor environment?

Water fountains contribute to healing and provide a soothing sound effect in almost any indoor or outdoor space. They also improve the visual appeal of any setting in which they are used, They can also increase the property value of a home, or the popularity of a venue.

Do water fountains attract mosquitoes?

Water fountains, if not properly cleaned or used, can breed mosquitoes when stagnant water is present. Properly maintaining your fixture or draining the water when you anticipate an extended period of time that your water fountain won’t be in use is the best way to avoid this situation.

How do indoor water fountains work?

Most indoor water fountains have a reservoir where you can store water until it reaches the recommended level before it begins circulating the water. Unlike outdoor water fountains, they are plugged into a wall outlet. There may or may not be an on/off switch on the power cord. 

Do water fountains consume a lot of electricity?

Most water fountains are very low consumption when it comes to energy needed to operate, even continuously. The average amount of electricity used is comparable to a table lamp. You should not notice a jump in your utility bill after adding a water fountain to your indoor or outdoor setting.No, most water mountains consume low light. There can be a significant increase in electricity bills when you install a water fountain in your house.

What types of water fountains does CJs Fire Pits offer?

We offer a beautiful variety of water fountains, including copper and concrete models, and even fire on water fountains. Our rustic outdoor water fountains can be easily incorporated into your garden, near your patio, or by the pool. If you have a large foyer or lobby, you can even elect to install your fountain indoors. Of course, we always recommend the fire on water fountain remain exclusively an outdoor feature.

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