Planter Bowls

Planter Bowls

Planter Bowls

If you love growing plants, but you are in an environment with little or no soil, planter bowls are a great way to grow your favorite foliage. People call it a flower pot, and some call it a plant container. These bowl planters are effective for growing miniature trees and plants on your patio or lanai, and also contribute to the overall appearance of your home. You can get several plant bowls that vary in size, or just stick with one very large bowl so that you can plant whatever you want. For indoor plants, a garden bowl planter makes a unique and beautiful container for growing them in. You can even create a small garden of sorts with the appropriate size!

You will find a variety of bowl planters at CJs Fire Pits ranging from large bowl planters to small ones in different colors. There are several concrete and copper bowls that would sit pretty in your personal or commercial space. There are sleek planter bowl designs made of steel, or earthy concrete mixed with colors that match all outdoor spaces. Our bowl planter is made of high-quality materials that can withstand water and support the root system of plants. With the high-quality materials used to these durable patio products, you can be assured of excellent quality and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do planter bowls have a hole in the bottom?

A hole in a planter bowl is used for drainage purposes. Water flows freely into the root system where the intake of adequate moisture and nutrients enhances the growth of the plant. Any unused water leaves the bowl so as not to be retained and become stagnant. However, if you prefer that your bowl planter remains solid and does not have a weeping hole configured into it, just let us know! We can create it according to your preference.

What can I plant or grow in a planter bowl?

There are varieties of plants to grow in planter bowls, primarily climbers, grasses, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials. Growing edible plants with a planter bowl is an interesting process. Depending on what you want in the bowls, you can plant aloe vera, kale, lettuce, chili peppers, and other veggies.

Can the planter bowls break with too much water?  

The material used to make the planter bowl determines its water resistance capacity. At CJs Fire Pits, our planter bowls are made with good-quality materials that can withstand water for an extended period.

How do I get adequate soil in my bowl planter?

If you stay in an area with no soil and want to grow some plants in a planter bowl, you can visit a biological garden for soil or visit a neighboring town with good soil to grow your plants.

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