Gas Fire Pits

Gas Fire Pits

Gas Fire Pits

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Gas Burning Fire Pits

The entertaining, refreshing, and warm feeling of sitting around a fire outdoors is an integral part of our society. But unlike the old ages, there are easier and cleaner ways to harness the beauty and vibes of outdoor fires. Gas fire pits offer a more convenient and environmentally friendly way to make outdoor fire without missing out on the incredible contemporary feeling. Also, the innovative natural gas and propane fire pits offer a valuable alternative to wood fire pits. 

Our gas fire pits are durable, cost-effective, and of high quality. They are made from versatile and sturdy materials built to withstand nature’s elements and stand the test of time. They are also modeled to give your outdoor spaces a beautiful look while maintaining functionality. At CJS Fire Pits, we offer varieties of square fire pits, linear fire pits, and round gas fire pits. The build-up material also ranges from copper and concrete to stainless steel. 

Make your selection of any gas fire pit in our collection to enjoy quick lighting and an eco-friendly clean burn. The safety features in these fire pits also mitigate the possibility of fire accidents. However, it is essential to follow all safety protocols and manufacturer’s instructions, and handle all forms of fire with extreme care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Roast Marshmallows on a Gas Fire Pit?

Of course, you can roast marshmallows on a gas fire pit but don’t make it a habit. Note that gas fire pit tables are modeled for decorative purposes, not functional cooking. Ensure you properly clean the gas fire pit burners if you use them to roast marshmallows at any point. 

How to Light a Gas Fire Pit?

The best way to light a gas fire pit depends on the product's ignition model. It can be one of match light ignition, electronic ignition, or push-button spark ignition. The match light ignition is a manual process that requires you to open the gas valve and light it with a match or lighter. The push button spark ignition will turn on your gas fire pit with a simple push of the ignition button. 

Is ½ Gas Line Sufficient for An Outdoor Fire Pit?

The required gas line for an outdoor fire pit depends on several factors. It is best to check through the manufacturer’s recommendation to find the best option. You can also contact professional installers to help you identify the best accessory for your gas fire pit's smooth and safe operation. 

Why Won’t My Gas Fire Pit Stay Lit?

Your gas fire pit might not stay lit for different reasons. It might result from a lack of fuel or a closed valve. Also, it can result from debris or a kink blocking the burner or gas supply line. You should also consider checking the flame-sensing thermocouple, especially if the flame goes off almost immediately after lighting. 

Can Propane Fire Pits Use Natural Gas?

Using natural gas in a propane fire pit requires a proper conversion kit for safe use. However, this interchange might not be possible for some unconvertible propane fire pits. 


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