Fire Tables

Fire Tables

Fire Tables

Add an impressive focal point to your backyard with an outdoor gas fire pit table! This unique patio furniture piece combines the purpose of a coffee or dining table with the ambiance of a fire pit. At CJs Fire Pits, we specialize in helping homeowners bring their ideas to light. With our broad range of high quality designs, finding the perfect feature to enhance your outdoor living space will be an enjoyable experience!

There are many benefits to owning a table-style fire feature. Evenings on the patio can be more enjoyable when gathered around the warm, glowing flames. Considered a luxury item, a fire pit table can also add value to your home. Depending on the size and design, fire tables can be used in different settings, such as patios, lanais, decks and poolside areas. 

Because of the materials used to manufacture these incredible products, outdoor fire pit tables are built to last with proper care. They can provide an appealing and functional outdoor centerpiece for years to come. For those that prefer a low maintenance heat source, we highly recommend opting for a fire table! These gas burning amenities don’t create sparks or ash like wood burning fires do, eliminating the need for fireplace tools such as ash brooms, pans, and buckets. 

Here at CJs Fire Pits, our goal is to provide you with sufficient information to help you make the best advised decision on the fire table that is most appropriate for your unique space. Let’s talk more about what fire tables are, how they rate in safety, and where they can best be enjoyed in your backyard!

What Is A Fire Table?

A fire table, also called a fire pit table, is a beautiful accessory for outdoor living areas. There are many different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs to choose from. There are even different tabletop heights, such as coffee table fire pit options for a relaxed and cozy setting, or dining and bar height propane fire pit tables that invoke a more casual atmosphere for food and cocktail enjoyment. Table top fire bowl products are also integrated into this particular category. The bowls are intentionally made with a wide enough lip that is a safe distance away from the flames to allow you to set drinks and plateware on the rim.

Fire tables are gas fueled and can run on either propane or natural gas. Many tables are constructed so that a propane tank can be easily hidden within the table itself, or inside a separate matching end table or urn style storage container. A burner is situated within the center of the fire table and is connected to the fuel source with fittings, hoses, and valves. For your safety, we recommend employing a contractor to install all gas components so that your feature meets appropriate fire codes and operates properly. Gas burners come in a variety of shapes, heat outputs, and designs. If you have a round fire table, you’ll need a gas burner insert that comes with a round pan or bowl and houses a circular or pentagon burner ring. Square fire pit tables would most likely require a similar shaped burner system. Rectangle troughs with linear or S-shaped burners would be most appropriate for rectangular fire pit tables. 

The burner pan, bowl, or trough is important for elevating the burner and allowing for gas dispersion, as well as supporting decorative media such as fire pit glass, fire rocks, lava granules, or a combination of lava rock and gas fire pit logs. The fire table and burner system you have will determine the necessary style and amount of media that you can safely add to your feature. In most cases, media comes with the unit, or we offer the appropriate options for you to choose from.

Concrete fire pit tables are probably some of the most popular choices available today. However, did you know that they can also be prefabricated from metal, faux stone, or a  proprietary blend of fiberglass and precast materials? Fire tables are designed for outdoor placement, so the textiles used must be able to withstand differences in temperature, weather patterns, UV rays, and other elements. CJs Fire Pits only offers fire tables crafted from outdoor rated materials. For that extra layer of protection, we have weather proof vinyl covers to help prolong the lifetime of your feature.

Finally, you may be curious as to whether or not a fire table can use wood as a fuel source? Keep in mind that wood burns at a much higher temperature than gas and will cause the material of the fire feature to become hot to the touch and unsafe to put objects on. Wood also produces sparks, and hot embers and coals can potentially escape from within the bed of the fire, causing injury. Wood burning is recommended for fire pits, which poses the question: how does one differentiate between a fire table (or fire pit table) and a fire pit? While the terms seem interchangeable, there truly is a distinction between the two. A fire pit can be made of different materials (concrete, steel, or GFRC), utilize gas or wood as a fuel source, and look just like a table in some cases. However, the lip, or ledge, of a fire pit is not wide enough for place settings. A fire table ledge is wider and far enough away from the burner area for you to put plates, cups, and silverware around when enjoying a meal (remember to always keep combustibles away from the flames). If you’re looking for a more casual type of feature, you’ll be pleased to know that we also carry a line of unique USA made fire pits!

Benefits To Owning A Fire Table

Are fire tables worth it when it comes to adding something spectacular to your outdoor living space? We think so! Fire tables bring warmth, comfort, and ambiance to any outdoor area. They offer the perfect forum for family get-togethers, catching up with friends, or enjoying a quiet and romantic evening with a loved one. We can’t think of a more practical ensemble than a few patio chairs and a stunning fire table to sit around and get cozy! Here are more reasons why you should think of buying an outdoor gas fire table for your home:

  • Ambiance: Nothing is more beautiful than having a gas burning fire table in your exterior space. Fire tables offer light and warmth, crafting a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in one’s backyard. They beckon company and conversation, encourage you to unwind, and create a setting for fun and entertainment. 
  • Versatility: Aside from providing the perfect setting, this outdoor furniture piece serves as the area around which activities revolve! A large fire table is the perfect addition to residential or commercial spaces for hosting events for groups of friends, neighbors, or colleagues. If you love to incorporate food and drinks into your gatherings, the dining and bar style fire tables are absolutely perfect for enjoying a meal and cocktails. 
  • Functionality: Fire tables can be used as both a fire pit and a table, functioning as a dual-purpose piece. Owning a fire table doesn’t mean you have to use the burner every single time. Some versions come with a burner cover to extend the surface area of the tabletop when you need extra space for food trays, glassware, condiments, or even board games for game night! 
  • Ease: Outdoor gas fire pit tables use natural gas or propane as a fuel source. The burner can be easily turned on with the push of a button, light of a match, remote control or even smart technology! Unlike wood burning fires, there is no messy cleanup, no ash, no sparks - just clean burning, steady and consistent flames. When you are ready to go in, simply turn off the gas supply.
  • Durability: As we indicated, fire tables are made of resilient materials such as concrete, faux stone, or metal, ensuring their integrity and ability to withstand the elements. Remember to add a protective cover for those days when inclement weather is in the forecast - going the extra step to shield your fire feature from moisture will extend its lifespan.
  • Options: It doesn't matter what your backyard looks like, we have the right fire table for your space, from large backyards to quaint patios! With numerous styles, sizes, and fuel capacities to select from, there is literally something for everyone! When available, we give you the choice of customization for color, materials, and fuel type for your new fire feature. Most of our fire pit tables come with accessories that you can add on, including fire pit glass, lava rock, tempered glass wind guards, and gas fire logs to name a few. We only offer safe and appropriate options for each product, so you will never have to worry about add ons that won’t work with the fire table you choose.
  • Value: If you are planning to add value to a house, a patio fire table is a very good option. They are considered luxury items and can be a selling point for potential buyers. 

While we can’t think of many reasons why a fire table wouldn’t be beneficial to your backyard space, there are a few things that we should point out:

  • Cost: The larger the table or the more customizations you add, the bigger the investment. Fortunately, we offer a variety of options for several budgets.
  • Fuel: Gas prices have seen unprecedented hikes over recent years, and owning a fire table means using natural gas or propane to power it. While a natural gas feature can be connected to existing gas lines and run off the supply already coming to your home, you may see an increase in your monthly gas bill if you use your table frequently. Propane tanks can be purchased and refilled at a hardware store or gas station, and this can also get costly if you run the burner more than average.
  • Heat: You may be wondering “Do fire tables keep you warm?” While they do give off heat, they are definitely not capable of producing the warmth that an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can. Therefore, on chillier nights you may want to put on an extra layer of clothing or use a lap blanket.
  • Fire Codes: We would be remiss if we didn’t caution you about this. If you happen to live in a shared residential complex with a patio, balcony, or fenced in porch area, you should check to make sure you are in accordance with the building’s safety code rules before purchasing a fire table. Also keep in mind that gas burning fire tables, as part of the burning process, give off carbon monoxide. Proper ventilation is an absolute must, and that is sometimes why apartment and townhouse buildings may restrict the use of these fire features.
  • Other Safety Issues: Even with a centrally placed burner that is an appropriate distance away from the tabletop ledge, combustibles and flammable objects must still be kept away from the flames. In addition, open flames tend to be enticing to children and pets. Your fire table should never be left unattended, but to ensure little fingers and wagging tails (depending on the height of your table) don’t get burned, the extra precautionary measure of a glass wind guard is always a great option for containing the flames.

Common Fuel Sources And Ignition Types For Fire Tables 

CJs Fire Pits offers an extensive line of gas powered outdoor fire pit tables. There are two different fuel sources, as well as a handful of ignition types for getting the fire started.

  • Propane Fuel Source: Propane gas, or liquid propane (LP), is a very efficient fuel source and can be connected to your fire table through a gas line for easy ignition. Propane is stored in a steel tank and can be purchased by weight. For example, you can buy a 20 pound propane tank at your local hardware store or gas station. This size tank contains approximately 4-7 gallons of propane and can last 3-4.5 hours depending on the BTU demand. Depending on the fire table style you choose, the propane tank can be stored in a hidden compartment that is part of the fire table, or in a decorative storage area, such as an end table. Sometimes, a home may be completely powered by propane gas. In this case, a larger tank is located somewhere on the property and a gas line is piped into the house and connected to the furnace and appropriate appliances. It is possible to utilize this same tank source to operate a fire table - you only need to contact a licensed contractor to help with the installation process.
  • Natural Gas Fuel Source: Another cost-efficient and reliable fuel source, natural gas (NG) is a great option for a fire table power source. Natural gas is not stored on site of a residential property like propane. Instead it is sent through a network of pipes from underground wells that are maintained by fuel companies. When it reaches your home, it is run through a professionally installed system that consists of a meter and supply lines. It is possible to hook up additional appliances and even fire features to these lines with the help of a licensed contractor.
  • Match Lit Ignition: Think of this as the “old school” way to light a burner. It is the most basic ignition system and extremely easy to use. Simply open the gas valve, light a match, and hold it near the burner. Adjust the flame to your preferred intensity. When you are ready to power down, just close the gas valve. 
  • Spark Ignition: Commonly referred to as push-button ignition, this method requires you to open the gas valve and push a button. The button causes the ignitor probe to spark and light the gas coming out of the burner. This ignition type only requires a battery for operation, versus electricity. 
  • Electronic Ignition: There are many variations for this ignition type and depending on the burner brand you choose, there may be additional components that make it unique or super efficient. An electronic ignition system utilizes a switch or remote to turn on the gas and light the burner. An external battery or a direct connection to your home’s electric supply line can be used as a main power source.
    • Safety Pilot: This is a great feature to seek out when looking for a match lit, spark, or electronic ignition. In the event that the flames go out, the pilot shuts down.

So You’ve Decided To Purchase A Fire Table

Congratulations! You have definitely come to the right place for information and a selection of high quality products! We’ve told you a lot about these outdoor accessories for your exterior living space as far as practicality, fuel sources, and ignition types go. We even talked about pros, cons, and safety. Now let’s talk about the part that everyone loves - schematics! What style are you looking for? Do you want a specific material or color to match your decor? Are you seeking something completely out of the ordinary or more traditional? At CJs Fire Pits, we have many options for you to choose from! 

  • Appearance: From traditional to modern, rustic to elegant, and everything in between, we have an eclectic assembly of fire tables to suit a variety of preferences. You can choose from many popular name brands, including American Fyre Designs, The Outdoor Plus, Firegear USA, and The Outdoor Greatroom Company. Each product line offers premier quality fire tables that make great additions to outdoor living areas!
  • Shape: CJs Fire Pits offers fire pit tables in three main shapes. The shape you choose should compliment your outdoor space with regards to size and function. For example, if you are working with a smaller area to seat just a few people, a square fire table would work best. If you prefer something that is easy to walk around and allows you to see everyone without obstructions, perhaps a round fire table is better for you. If you have a large expanse and are into dining parties and entertaining, a linear or rectangular fire table would be your best option.
  • Size: This does require some planning on your part. Here again, the size of your fire table really depends on the square footage of your entertainment area. Keep in mind that you want the entire unit set up away from combustible surfaces, and you want to allow room on all sides to walk around without much effort. If you want to move the fire table’s location around from time to time, you may want to consider getting a more manageable sized product. You will also want to consider the distance from the ledge of the tabletop to the burner; if you plan on using your fire table for dining, you’ll want a wider top. Measure the space where you want to display your fire table, figuring in 3-4 feet away from walls and surfaces. Then see what type of square footage is left over. That will give you an idea of how large of a fire table you can purchase.
  • Height: There are different fire table heights for different uses. Choose a fire table that will meet the exact needs of your intended use.
    • A chat height outdoor coffee table fire pit type is usually between 19 and 24 inches tall. These fire tables are perfect as centerpieces among couch style patio furniture, used mainly for a focal point and setting drinks on the ledge. The 24 inch chat height fire table is a little less casual and allows you to see your guests eye to eye.
    • The dining height fire table is around 29 inches tall. You can sit comfortably around it in patio dining chairs while enjoying a meal. These fire tables are the same height as a typical patio table.
    • The counter or bar height fire table is perfect for gatherings where people can stand at the table and chat. You can even pull up a few bar stools for seating and be at the perfect height for enjoying cocktails and party food.
  • Materials: Fire tables are manufactured from various materials, such as powder coated steel and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Consider which material will be the most long lasting and element-resistant for the specific climate and conditions you reside in. All outdoor fire tables on CJs Fire Pits are made from materials capable of withstanding nature’s elements. Concrete fire pit tables offer an earthy feel, while metal and steel fire tables are more industrial and modern. Our blends of faux stone and concrete offer a rustic vibe that will compliment almost any decor style.
  • Additional Features: A fire table with internal propane tank storage is one of our favorite additional features! We also have fire tables that come complete with fire pit glass or lava rock for the included burner. We offer a variety of add ons as well, including weather proof vinyl covers, steel burner insert covers, and ignition upgrade. 

You can get exactly what you want with our selection of outdoor fire pit tables. Your guests will love coming to your place for backyard gatherings and you’ll be glad you invested in a long lasting, quality product from CJs Fire Pits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fire tables safe?

Fire tables are safe when used correctly and with the proper safety precautions. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use a protective lid and safety shut-off valve. To help contain the flames and shield them from wind, we recommend adding a tempered glass wind guard for the burner.

Do fire tables keep you warm?

Fire tables do give off some warmth, however they are not equipped with a burner that can produce the heat of a wood burning fire or the BTUs of a gas fireplace. Fire tables are terrific for outdoor enjoyment, but you’ll want to throw on a jacket or sweater or use a blanket for chilly nights. 

Can you put a fire table on a deck?

Using a fire table directly on a composite material or wooden deck is not advised, as the heat can potentially cause damage. It is best to use a fire table on a non-combustible surface, such as pavers or concrete. If your deck is the sole option for placement of your fire table, we highly recommend purchasing a fire mat made specifically for the use of these features. While the gas burner won’t put off sparks, the mat will protect the wood or composite from getting too hot.

What is the best fuel to use with fire tables?

Due to ease of use and efficiency, our fire tables run on natural gas or propane. To use natural gas, you must have an existing supply line to your home to connect your fire table to. Propane gas may be considered a more convenient choice of fuel. Small 20 pound tanks can be purchased at a local hardware store or gas station and be easily connected to your fire table. If you power your home with propane, an additional line can be run from the main holding tank to your fire table. Regardless of the fuel type you use, we recommend employing a contractor for safe connection from the gas source to your fire feature.

How do I clean and maintain my fire table?

Maintenance and cleaning of your fire table and burner should be done on a regular basis. You will want to inspect all components and surfaces of your fire table regularly for soot. When gas burns, it doesn’t not always burn completely and leaves behind a residue. Soot can build up on fire media, burner components, and the table top and sides over time. Usually, warm water and a mild detergent is effective for cleaning purposes. Always refer to the instruction manual for proper care and maintenance, as well as a recommended schedule for cleaning. 

Can you cook on a fire pit table?

There are some fire tables that are manufactured in such a way that they allow you to cook food over the flames. Typically, these fire features come with a cooking grate. For the most part, fire tables are not designed for surface cooking. Food and the juices they create during the cooking process can fall onto your decorative media and burner, causing flares which can harm you and your guests and damage your fire table. It is always best to check the manufacturer's instructions or contact our knowledgeable customer service team to ensure proper use of your product.

Can a propane fire table be converted to natural gas?

In short, no. Not all propane powered products can be converted to natural gas. For those that can, a special conversion kit must be obtained and of course, we recommended calling a licensed contractor to assist with the switch. The same goes for converting from natural gas to propane. A conversion kit containing a brass orifice is needed for this transition and is best carried out by a professional. It is very important that you know your fuel source before purchasing a gas fire table. Almost all of our products on CJs Fire Pits offer you the option to select the fuel type you need.

Can propane fire tables be used indoors?

Both natural gas and propane give off carbon dioxide when burned. Proper ventilation is an absolute must! Therefore, we do not recommend placing your fire table indoors. It should be installed outside in a safe location away from combustibles.

Can you have a fire table under a covered patio?

This is a difficult question to answer because it could be yes in some cases and no in others. It really depends on the type of cover you’re talking about. Gas burning fire features need adequate ventilation and they must be at least 3-4 feet away from combustible surfaces and materials. This includes any overhead surface. Wood and vinyl are especially susceptible to damage. Some people do place their fire tables under pergolas. If they have a great enough clearance and there is sufficient ventilation, this may be an exception. Remember that your fire tables should never be left unattended when in use.

Can you have a fire table on a screened porch?

For safety reasons, we recommend your fire table to be placed in an area that is not enclosed in any way. While the screens would offer ventilation on your porch area, they are still connected to structures and would have a ceiling or roof overhead. It is safer and smarter to install your fire table somewhere in your backyard, perhaps on a patio, where there is no danger of surfaces being damaged.

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