Fire Pit Kits

Fire Pit Kits

Fire Pit Kits

Do you love DIY projects that allow you the freedom of creativity and give you a sense of satisfaction? Then our gas fire pit kits are exactly what you need for your next design! Building your own fire pit has never been easier or more affordable, and you have plenty of options to choose from with our extensive line of outdoor rated, high quality products. All of our outdoor fire pit kits come with the burner and appropriate pan, an ignition system, and all of the integral parts needed for smooth operation.

Our DIY fire pit kits come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, which means you will be able to find exactly what you need for the fire feature you have worked so hard on. We have burner pans available in square, round, or rectangle shapes that will match the shape of your fire pit, and sit neatly in the center. Burner shapes also come in an array of options, and you may see that the profile of some burners may differ from the configuration of their pan. For example, we have spur shaped burners that are the centerpiece of square pans. This is not uncommon, and just gives you more freedom in designing the perfect appearance for your fire pit creation!

How you light your burner can be as simple as lighting a match or as streamlined as pushing a button. We offer CSA certified ignition systems for natural gas or propane fire pit kits to ensure safe operation. Choose from match lit, spark, flame sensing, or electronic ignition. We understand that some of these terms can be a bit confusing, so allow us to explain this in more detail!

Match Lit Kits

Simply put, you turn the gas valve to your fuel supply on, and then light the fuel emitted from the burner with an extra long wooden match or a long neck grill lighter. This particular type of ignition is cost effective for those on a budget, and gives the process of lighting a fire a traditional feel. They are simple to install, and require less maintenance than their electronic counterparts. There are no safety shut offs, but they are remarkably easy to operate.

Spark Ignition Kits

Also referred to as push button ignition, this battery powered product utilizes a piezo spark igniter that lights the fuel when you push a button. You will hear a clicking sound when the button is depressed, similar to the noise you hear when lighting the burner on a propane cooking oven. Within seconds, a flame is present, and you can easily adjust the flame height with the valve control knob. So easy!

Flame Sensing Ignition Kits

While this is also a push button style ignition, consider it a more elite version! It is equipped with an additional component called a “thermocouple”, which detects whether or not a flame is present. This device will automatically shut the gas off if the flame has been extinguished, making it a great option for fuel conservation as well as safety. Set up is described as plug in ready, meaning you can install and enjoy a fire in your fire pit in no time!

Electronic Ignition Kits

This is the cream of the crop where ignition kits are concerned! This device can be wired to a button, switch, remote control, or timer for simple operation that is literally at your fingertips. Many of these kits even offer Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. Electronic ignition kits are also designed with a thermocouple for automatic flame sensing and a safety shut off when a flame is not detected. Because these kits come with all the bells and whistles, they are considered a bigger investment than other ignition systems. However, the ease of operation and peace of mind they offer are well worth it!

Ignition Kits and Fuel Sources

While ignition kits have their own power source, such as hard wiring for electronic devices and battery for push button kits, the burner must receive a fuel source for the flame to be present. Regardless of the ignition kit you decide on, liquid propane (LP) and natural gas (NG) are compatible fuels for the burners. 

Propane is typically stored in a tank on your property. It can be as small as a 20 pound tank that is commonly used for gas grills, or it can be as large as a 1000 pound tank used for large homes or commercial venues. Either way, the ignition kit can be easily connected to your fuel tank by a seasoned DIYer or a licensed contractor. 

Natural gas is routed from an underground well (owned and maintained by gas companies) to a residence or commercial location via pipelines. Upon reaching its destination, the gas is regulated by a meter and delivered to heat and fuel sources through supply lines. Again, your burner and ignition kit can be connected to this delivery method and we highly recommend employing a knowledgeable gas installer to do so.


Outdoor gas fire pit kits are a combination of burners, pans, fittings, valves, connection hoses, and ignition housings. All of these components are fabricated using the highest quality stainless steel, making them both rust and corrosion resistant. Some of the burners included with our propane or natural gas fire pit kits are manufactured from durable brass. These premium metals are designed to last for years in your outdoor space when maintained properly.

In addition to our selection of outdoor fire pit kits, we also offer small tank LP kits for conversion to propane from a natural gas fuel source, and stone paver fire pit kits for a complete DIY package. CJs Fire PIts provides all the necessary components so that you can create the fire pit of your dreams! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CSA certified mean?

CSA, or Canadian Standards Association, simply means that your product has been tested against and meets or exceeds International safety standards for gas and electric powered devices. This certification is recognized worldwide and is in compliance with and equivalent to the United States UL Listing. This certification ensures that your product is safe to use and operate.

Can I use my fire pit kit in a wood burning fire pit?

Fire pit kits are designed to be connected to a gas fuel source and therefore cannot be used in a wood burning fire pit. Wood fuel burns much hotter than gas and should never be used in combination. Our gas fire pit kits are compatible with both propane and natural gas, and can easily be hooked up to your fuel source by a licensed contractor. 

What shape should my fire pit kit be?

Typically the shape of your fire pit, or the center of your fire pit, should determine the shape of your fire pit insert. If you have a rectangular shaped fire pit, the center is most likely the same. Therefore, a linear or rectangle fire pit kit would be recommended for your feature. Round fire pits normally have a circular opening in the center, making a round fire pit kit the likely product for this situation. Once in a while, a fire pit may be square with a round center opening. In this case, you would not want to purchase a square fire pit ignition kit - you would opt for a round ignition kit. 

What size gas fire pit insert do I need?

No two fire pits are alike! That’s why we keep such a diverse inventory on our website so that you have options to choose from, no matter what size fire feature you have! Measure the interior dimension of the opening in the center of your fire pit. Your burner needs to be at least six inches smaller than this measurement, which is needed to maintain a safe distance from the inside of your feature. 

What shape burner and insert kit do I need?

This is strictly preferential based on your taste! Different burner shapes create different flame patterns. As long as you have the correct size and shape to compliment that inside dimension of your fire pit, you can opt for something a little extraordinary for your burner. For rectangle or linear fire pit kits, you may want to choose an S-shaped burner for a less traditional looking flame set. For square or round fire pit ring kits, there are spur and penta shapes for a fuller and more realistic looking flame.

How many BTUs should I get?

BTUs, or British Thermal Units, is a measurement of heat output. The larger of a space you are attempting to project heat to, the bigger the BTU output your burner should be. An average BTU rating on burners is around 80,000-90,000. Extra large fire pits that are situated in expansive outdoor areas may be best outfitted with a burner that provides 125,000 BTUs. Small features in more compact outdoor spots should consider a smaller BTU output (check with building codes and perhaps a licensed professional before making a decision).

How much media should I get for my burner pan?

We recommend getting enough media (whether it be lava rock, lava granules, or fire glass) to cover the burner by about 1-2 inches. Any more than that can prohibit adequate air flow to the burner and result in a poor flame presentation. We strive to include options with our products to include the amount needed for your particular fire feature or accessory. If you ever have questions, remember that our helpful customer service representatives are a phone call, chat, or email away! We are always happy to help you calculate fire media quantity.

What kind of media should I get for my outdoor fire pit kit?

This all depends on your personal preference. If you are looking for a minimalist appearance, perhaps lava rock would be the best option for you. If you want to add a little flair and pizzazz, colorful and reflective fire pit glass will really boost the overall look of your fire feature. For a rustic vibe, some fire pit kits are capable of showcasing gas fire pit logs! These particular gas log sets are made of ceramic and are not part of a burner system. Instead, they are individual pieces that can be positioned differently each time you enjoy a fire. They are best paired with lava rocks or granules.

Can I use a drop in fire pit kit for other features such as a fire bowl?

Ideally, our fire pit kits are designed for fire pits only. A fire bowl is constructed with different materials and the overall design does not allow for a fire pit insert. The good news is that our fire bowls already come with a burner system that includes an ignition, burner pan, and media! 

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