Fire Pit Covers

Fire Pit Covers

Fire Pit Covers

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Protect your feature and keep it at a top functioning level for years to come with a gas fire pit cover. These protective covers help keep out harsh and damaging elements like snow, rain, debris, and dust, especially when it is not in use. Regardless of the type and quality of the materials that your fire pit is constructed of, a cover is a great accessory for enhancing appearance and longevity. Our outdoor fire pit covers come in different materials such as vinyl, canvas, fabric, and GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete).

Whether you are purchasing the first cover for your fire pit or replacing a worn-out one, CJs Fire Pits can help you get exactly what you need. We offer a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit your specific product, as well as custom fire pit covers that are designed for larger and uniquely shaped models. Each of our products is built with quality materials and designed to withstand Mother Nature’s elements. You can feel confident in your selection when you purchase an outdoor fire pit cover from CJs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up my fire pit under a covered patio?

Fire pits are best placed in a well ventilated area that does not have a cover or roof above it. However, there are exceptions, such as pergolas and partially enclosed or covered patios with high ceilings. Gas burning fire pits are typically a better option for this situation, as wood fire pits tend to burn hotter and give off thick and smokey fumes that can deplete available oxygen when there is no proper ventilation. All the same, the burners in propane or natural gas fire pits give off carbon dioxide and require adequate ventilation as well. Always read and abide by the manufacturer’s safety rules and set up suggestions for proper use and placement.

Do gas pits need to be covered?

Covering gas fire pits offers numerous benefits, although it is not necessary. Suitable covers will protect your investment, enhance durability, and improve functionality. Fire pit covers are waterproof, weather proof, and provide an extra layer of protection, which is why we highly recommend considering the addition of one for your outdoor feature.

Is it safe to cover a fire pit while in use?

Outdoor fire pit covers are meant to be used after the flames are out and your fire pit has completely cooled. Never attempt to cover your fire pit during use. The cover material can melt or become damaged beyond repair when placed on a feature that is still hot.

What is the purpose of a GFRC fire pit cover?

These particular fire pit covers are designed from glass fiber reinforced concrete materials that act as a burner cover while extending the surface area of your fire pit. You can essentially turn your fire pit into a table top feature when not in use. We offer different shapes and sizes, as well as colors, to compliment your fire pit perfectly.  

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