Fire Pit Accessories

Fire Pit Accessories

Fire Pit Accessories

Fire pits are a terrific way to upgrade or improve an outdoor entertainment area. There is nothing quite like spending a relaxing evening in front of a dazzling fire, surrounded by warmth, loved ones, and good conversation. Extend the longevity and usefulness of your feature by adding protective measures and convenience with our fire pit accessories!  

CJS Fire Pits offers a variety of essential and technical enhancements for your fire pit. We make it easy and convenient to get what you need from our website!

  1. Fire Pit Covers: Protect your fire pit from outdoor conditions, including rain, debris, UV rays, and snow. 
  2. Burner Covers: While burner assemblies are built for exterior settings, these metal covers add a layer of protection. They are also quite versatile, as they can expand the surface space of your fire pit when it’s not in use.
  3. Glass Wind Guards: Breezy conditions are no longer an issue when it comes to enjoying a fire. Fire pit glass wind guards keep the flames in the center of your feature where they belong. The fire flickers on, and surroundings and loved ones stay safe!
  4. Propane Tank Covers: A stylish cover adds visual appeal while camouflaging your propane tank and protecting it from elements at the same time. 
  5. Remotes and Timers: Ease of operation is essential when controlling fire pits with special features such as wall timers, remotes, and even Bluetooth connectivity!

Why Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories Are Necessary

  1. Safety: This is hands down the most important part of enjoying and maintaining your fire pit. Having quality accessories for a fire pit promotes safe use and mitigates the possibility of accidents. Some items, such as outdoor fire pit glass wind guards, serve as barriers that prevent unwanted (especially flammable) materials from dropping into the fire. It also keeps curious children and animals away. This can also appease regulations as far as rental and commercial spaces are concerned.  
  2. Performance & Durability: A fire pit accessory such as a vinyl cover can protect your feature or propane tank from inclement conditions that could easily damage it. Even though fire pits are built to last in your outdoor space, keeping it covered when it’s not in use or when the weather is less than favorable will ensure it remains in good working condition. Perhaps you are only looking to keep your fire pit gas burner covered and free of unwanted debris? We have metal covers for that too!
  3. Aesthetics: Many people often overlook the aesthetical importance of fire pit accessories, but it is one of their most essential features. Most fire pit accessories offer clean covers, a polished look, and overall appeal to your fire pit. Protective covers help maintain the appearance and longevity of your outdoor feature, keeping it looking pristine year after year.
  4. Convenience: With all of the enhancements in technology today, we make it easy to add a fire pit remote control to your gas burning feature. For commercial and residential use, a gas fire pit timer is another convenient amenity to add for seamless operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I cover my fire pit?

It is optional to cover your fire pit, but we strongly recommend it. It protects your fire feature from rain, sunlight, debris, and other harsh conditions to improve its performance and longevity. 

Do fire pit accessories need to be customized to my particular product?

The good news is that fire pit accessories are compatible with many sizes, shapes, brands, and models! However, if you have something that was custom built to specifications to begin with, chances are we can still help you! We offer an extensive line of products to suit a variety of styles and designs. If you don’t see something that fits your fire pit, please give our friendly and helpful customer service team a call and we’ll work hard to get you exactly what you need!

Will a wind guard block the heat from the fire?

Glass wind guards will absorb heat from the flames, but they won’t block it altogether. Keep in mind that since the glass absorbs heat, these flame guards will be hot to the touch. Don’t try to remove it during the use of your fire pit, and remember that the glass needs to cool completely before handling it.

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