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Fire Bowls

Fire Bowls

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Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are one of the leading trends for outdoor décor, facelifts, and aesthetics. They can transform your pool, patio, backyard, and other outdoor spaces from ordinary to contemporary outdoor entertainment and gathering spaces. Whether a personal or commercial backyard, a fire bowl integrates warmth, ambiance, and an appealing view that makes you, your family, and your guests get the best out of your outdoor gatherings. 

CJS Fire Pits offers a vast collection of fire bowls that will meet your needs regardless of your taste and preference. The array of collections from propane fire bowls, concrete fire bowls, and tabletop fire bowls allows you to enjoy the vibe of the contemporary wood burning fire, without the smoke, of course! Our bowls have gorgeous sleek designs that make them visually appealing while you also enjoy flames that mimic a traditional backyard fire pit. Each fire bowl's high-quality construction materials enhance durability in various environments. You also have the luxury of exploring multiple features, from unique finishes to ignition types.

Types Of Fire Bowl Ignition

There are two main types of ignitions in modern fire bowls.

  1. Electronic Ignition: Electronic ignition is one of the most recent technological integrations for fire bowls. It allows you to ignite your fire bowl with a simple button push. Besides this ease, it also has several safety features that make it easy and safe to use. However, electronic ignition is most common in large fire bowls because smaller bowls might need more space to accommodate the elements of this feature.
  2. Match Lit: Match Lit ignition is the most common ignition type for fire bowls. It uses the traditional technique of turning your gas on and lighting it with a match or lighter. Once the gas burner is lit, you can turn and adjust the flames to your desired level.

Remember: Always treat fire and ignitions with respect. It is vital to ensure you understand and duly follow all manufacturer's instructions and employ the services of professionals when installing and using fire bowls. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are There Pool Fire Bowls?

Yes, there are fire bowls for pools. These fire bowls have unique structures that make them sit pretty and functional at your poolside. However, you can also explore these fire bowls outdoors and in patio spaces.

Which Areas Can I Install Fire Bowls?

Your fire bowl will sit pretty and functional anywhere outside your home, including backyards, pool sides, patios, and other outdoor spaces. A fire bowl is also a quality addition to commercial outdoor spaces like restaurants, meeting venues, golf courses, amusement entrances, etc.

Can a Fire Bowl Be Moved Around?

Of course, you have the luxury of moving and changing the location of a fire bowl. However, moving concrete fire bowls might be a hassle considering the weight of concrete, but it is possible. Also, the weight and ease of movement of each fire bowl type can depend on size. 

Can Wood Burn in a Fire Bowl?

NO! The design of a gas fire fire bowl does not allow wood fuel because the gas fire bowl might get damaged from the wood's burning intensity. However, some concrete fire bowls can withstand wood fires.  

Note: There are several types of fire bowl finishes with specific features. The most common types are concrete, copper, and stainless steel. Concrete finishes are versatile with colors and designs and allow easy touch up with other elements to obtain more unique finishes. Stainless and copper fire bowls might not be as versatile as concrete bowls, but they weigh less and are easy to clean.

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