DIY Enclosure Kits

DIY Enclosure Kits

DIY Enclosure Kits

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DIY Fire Pits and Tables

Are you enthusiastic about getting a magnificent finishing for your fire pit project? DIY enclosure kits allow you to easily and extensively customize your fire pit. From shapes to sizes, colors, and style, you have the luxury of creating a fire pit finish that suits your taste and style. These enclosures are pre-fabricated to ease your DIY journey of fire pits and reduce the construction time on your fire pit projects. 

At CJS Fire Pits, our DIY enclosure kits are specially designed to make your project easier. Interestingly, you don’t have to be a professional to explore the items in our collection. They are simple, easy-to-use designs that help you get the best out of your outdoor space. Some of our brand collections didn’t come alone; they come in the company of many other accessories to improve their functionality, durability, and effective use. 

If you love dimensions, you will find DIY enclosure fire pit kits beyond the usual circular and square shapes. You will find the best shape for your landscape and unique style. The sizes range from 36 to 84 inches with high-class fire board cement material. Feel free to check out various options in our collection to find the best item for your DIY fire pit needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I Need a Fire Pit Insert for DIY Enclosure Kits

A fire pit insert protects your fire pit from flames and makes it easier to clean and maintain. Therefore, adding a fire pit insert to your DIY Enclosure Kits is a good idea, but certainly optional. This addition will protect the materials and add clean lines to your outdoor space where the fire pit is located.

Do DIY Enclosure Kits Have Ignitions?

Of course, DIY enclosure kits usually have three ignition types: match lit, electronic ignition, and push button.

Are These Kits Available for Shipping?

Yes! Most DIY enclosure kits are available for shipping, depending on location and other factors. Check out your preferred item and find out if they are available for shipping to your location.

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